Barovia. A cursed land with a ruler most vile and evil. Some call him the devil while some call him master, he is Strahd Von Zarovich. Finding joy in the luring of adventurers from the Faerun, he recently lured in a band of adventurers who are quite questionable at best. 

Strung together with the hopes that their efforts will defeat Strahd and release them from this cursed land – this band of adventurers has but one thing in common – Survival and critting the bitch.

A campaign that started as some friends messing around with 5e D&D turned into a long lasting game filled with laughs, suspense, and the occasional "Dear Gods why". This is their page of all things related to their story. From character profiles, wikis, and adventure logs to track what has been going on.

CoS - Team Crit the Bitch

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