CoS - Team Crit the Bitch

Session #12 - Dire Consequences

The Story So Far….

The party, freshly returned from their rescue mission from the Old Bonegrinder returned to Vallaki with the missing children. With this, the townspeople looked to the party as heroes and some hope was returned to the people. But not as much as you would think as the Devil himself still had its eye on the fortified town.

The next morning after a much needed rest, the party awoke to some breakfast and some restocking of supplies to the town of Vallaki.

Adran, an elven monk, was also in town offering his services to the local Church of St. Andral under the leadership of Father Lucian. Adran was doing this for the past few weeks as he too has been stranded in the lands of Barovia. Father Lucian also mentioned to Adran a secret, something that has happened in the church and  raises high alarm for the townspeople who seek refugee in there at night.

Back to the party, they over heard some people talk about Old Bluto and him going fishing at Lake Zarovich in which the party investigated the claims. It was said that the man went fishing every day at a lake in which no fish could ever be caught and they also saw him the day before dragging a sack to the lake in the early morning.

Upon investigation, they arrived at the lake and saw Bluto out on the lake on a boat rolling a sack over the side – in which the sake was moving. Springing into action, Arrietty using her druid powers of <u>Wild Shape</u> turned into a Reef Shark and swam out towards the sinking sack as Decken, Beck, and Kiran jumped into a nearby rowboat and starting to push it out to the boat in the middle of the lake.

The heroes made it in time and rescued Arabelle, the missing vistani girl to whom dusk elves were on the lookout for. Kiran took care of the child as the others dealt with the situation. Arabelle learned a great deal of the god Odin and His might and raw power. Decken and Beck took care of Bluto who was not entirely coherent or of the right mind. Beck took a crossbow bolt to his neck, spilling his blood and killing him instantly. His body now lies in the lake.

While the boys were taking care of Bluto, Arrietty caught a familiar scent in the water and swam down to investigate and to her discovery another sack was located in the same spot. With her teeth, she grabbed it and swam it to the surface. They opened the bag and saw it was a missing party member; Djohariah. Very much dead, the party took what valuables she had and without a second thought threw her back to her watery grave. That would be the last time she would ever be seen.

Upon returning Arabelle to the Vistani camp just outside of town, they ran into a dusk elf named Kasimir, whom introduced himself and said that he was a friend of the vistani and protector of the lands. Dusk elves by nature are good at navigating the Barovian woods. He saw them to the camp and to Arabelle's father, Luvash. Overwhelmed with joy, he rewarded the adventurers with a treasure from his wagon which they chose jeweled box filled with assorted jewelry.

Returning to Vallaki, they gather some more information about the Wizards of Wine winery, mostly it's location and begin their quest to see what's causing the hold up for the wine deliveries to the Blue Water Inn.

On setting out, Adran introduced himself and with some chatting, joined the party to accompany them in their quest. He, like the others, are on the same quest to rid the lands of Strahd.

Upon dusk, they approached a crossroads in which a gallows was setup on in a small clearing. The gallows itself was very weathered and extremely old, but it was Decken who saw himself hanging upon the noose, dead. The second time so far he has noticed such a terrible premonition.

"Is something wrong" Beck asked Decken to which he replied "I believe so".

Shortly after, they made camp a few miles outside of the winery because nightfall as come. As they set up camp and started a fire, it wasn't long before the party was surrounded by a pack of dire wolves, eleven of them. Which great difficulty, the party managed to dispatch the wolves and harvest their meat for rations. Weary from battle, they went to sleep quite quickly, but not before Adran did some potion brewing and Beck went out for a small herb walk.

Beck however didn't notice some barbarian looking humanoids walking around the forest late at night but was able to keep himself concealed in the shadows. Who they were, he doesn't know but they looked very formittable.

After his walk, he returned to the camp to which Adran was keeping watch before sititng by the fire and resting himself.

And so we go…..


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