CoS - Team Crit the Bitch

Session #13 - Cheese with the Wine

"Tasty tasty death"

The party finally arrived to the Wizards of Wine Winery, located in West Barovia. After meeting the wereraven family who runs and owns the winery, the family leader Davian Martikov asked the party to please help them clear out the druids and blights that have overtaken the area. With some guidance through the forest by one of the daughters, the party arrived to the winery building. 

Beck approached the building stealthily and investigated a ways of entry, and using his grappling hook; he tried to get a better look inside. But with a fumble of his hand, the grappling hook made a loud clang against the wall, to which called forth a small army of blights. Retreating, they climbed in through the windows but didn't realize until it was too late that there was just as many blights inside as their was outside. 

A fight broke out. Druids commanding the blights picked up their weapons and attacked the party. Wizard Osrick Decken remembered about how Twig Blights were weak to fire and decided to casts his Burning Hands spell at the lot of them. Resulting in many of their deaths but also setting some areas of the Winery ablaze. 

Arrietty with her druid powers was able to shift in some of the rain water to help put out the fires but they were spreading rather rapidly, especially if left unchecked.

But the assault team continued on and cornered the druid in charge of the attack wielding a Gulthias Staff. Chanting something about something called "Wintersplinter" and how the Dark Lord would be proud of their creation, the party fought him. He attempted to escape by jumping out the window but was chased after and caught. A fight occurred by he was roasted and toasted by Osrick Decken and shot by Beck as well to take him out. The staff was destroyed despite Decken's attempt to keep it, and the staff let out a horrid scream that killed all the remaining blights.

The winery was recaptured by the party and returned to the family. It was then revealed that the magic gems which powered the lands for growth were stolen, one by the druids at Yester Hill and another by Baba Lysaga, a powerful hag, at Berez.

The party rested at the winery that night and begun to plan their next move.

Who was Wintersplinter? Why is he important? What is waiting for us at Yester Hill

They soon would find out.


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