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Session #16 - I was born in a small town

Shortly after arriving back from their trip to Krezek, the party found themselves back in Vallaki to try and find a wedding dress for the Abbott. It's been roughly a week since they were out of town and Vallaki's latest and greatest festival has been put on hold for some unknown reasons. Returning to town, they checked in with the Keepers of the Feather to update them on the wine and to help the party with the next part of their quest. Upon arriving, they also noticed a familiar face as Arrietty was seen being a waitress in new garments as she was adjusting to her new role in life as a wereraven and spy. 

The party was taking a nice needed rest as they had a drink or two and some listened to the telling of odd stories from a man named Rictavio. While Adran and Faerin went to check in with Father Lucian on the disappearance of a sacred item, the Bones of St. Andral which kept the church sanctified against any evil creature trying to step foot on it; including Strahd himself.

A lead was discovered that the bones could be in the Burgomaster's mansion, but it was too late as wind of Ireena being in Vallaki already caught Strahd's ears. By paying off a local merchant in a large sum of gold, he was able to secure an underground passage into the city through the local coffee shop. 6 of his vampire spawns attacked the city in search of Ireena. It was too no avail however but it did lead to a strong rebellious figure no longer protected by his church as Father Lucian and the refugees of the land were under brutal attack. Strahd took the form of a villager woman by means of a True Polymorph spell. Tricking the party into bringing her along, they did so in hope of learning any whereabouts of Ireena. But after seeing that they didn't know themselves, he revealed his true self and in turn was attacked by Malvious by means of a Heat Metal spell on his iron pendant. This did indeed burn the vampire lord, but he discarded his useless trinket and continued forward. 

By then, the party was fully immersed in battle with the help of their new friend Ezmerelda D'Avenir who also caught Strahd's eye as a troublesome person in his lands and tried to take control of her and take her away. With the quick thinking of Adran and his quick feet, this was averted. Beck to convince Strahd that Ireena was not here but somewhere else, heavily persuaded him to go to Krezek to find the Abbott for he said, "Your bride is there in his care". To which, Strahd mounted his Nightmare and flew off into the darkness towards the village of Krezek and the The Abbey to find his bride.

Villagers killed, many wounded and the party been taken for a whirlwind of events; the group begins to take a respite. New leads have been put upon them about the Burgomaster, Strahd, the Bones, and many other things on their to-do list.

But one question highlights all the rest…..Where the hell is Osrick Decken?


RyleiDreemurr RyleiDreemurr

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